The Road to Champs

The Week Before

Tuesday, March 12th

Team 7299, The Robotic Eagles, came to New York for FLR and we had a dinner at our high school to welcome them to Spencerport.

Wednesday, March 13th

The students from Team 7299 had the chance to follow some of our students around school for the day!

Team 7299 enjoying some fun in the snow!

Thursday, March 14th

Students on LEAD team head to RIT a day before the competition to set up and practice with the bot. At night Teams 3015, 7299, and 340, take over Spencerport Lanes!

Friday, March 15th

All of Team 3015 heads to RIT for day one of the competition and our Chairman’s presentation! Click the link to see a Ranger Robotics tradition for after Chairman’s!

Saturday, March 16th

3015 heads to day two of competition at RIT. 3015 is part of the winning alliance, along with Team 870, RICE, and Team 271, Mechanical Marauders! 3015 has won their ticket to World’s!

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Fact of the Week

  • Ranger Robotics has competed in 8 states over the years, including New York, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania!  

Quote of the Week

“You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were, and I say ‘Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw

On March 15th and 16th Ranger Robotics competed in their first competition of the season. The Finger Lakes Regional, at RIT, was the first time that Team 3015 showed off what their robot, Skyline, could do. With 48 teams there, and only 3 winners, the pressure was on. Team 3015, along with Team 870, RICE, and Team 271, Mechanical Marauders, pulled out a 2-1 victory over the opposing alliance, and secured their spots in the 2019 World Championships in Detroit, Michigan. Ranger Robotics will compete again on March 29th and 30th in Long Island, New York, at the SBPLI #2 Regional. Ranger Robotic would like to congratulate Teams 340, 3003, and 120, for their hard work and wish them luck in their coming competitions! Ranger Robotics would also like to recognize Team 2638, for The Regional Chairman’s Award, and Team 3193, for The Regional Engineering Inspiration award! Congratulations and Good Luck at World’s!

3015, 870, and 271 after winning!

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Ready to kick some bot

Sub-team Spotlight: Upper Mechanical

Two of our drive team members, Bronson Slattery and Jack Casey, hard at work.

This week in mechanical, we have had the focus of getting practice and competition bot ready for Tuesday’s bag day. We have a very set process: manufacture parts, put them on the robot, and finally test to see if they work. This has been a process for the climber, ball acquisition and hatch mechanism sub teams and has proven to be a surefire process to improve our robot. 
Climber updates:The climber sub team has had a successful week with a climb with practice bot. My team has now been working on refining the arm that will go on the tower, with changing how it will fold out and how it will stay there. We still have many things to do but we’ve managed to stay positive and continue to refine our design throughout the season although.
Elbow-Macaroni:The Elbow-Macaroni has been continuously tested and has experienced great triumph as the design continues to evolve. The sub team has completed both the competition and practice systems and has subsequently made the warehouse their new home in order to test through the day and night. 
Hatch-Mech:The Hatch Mechanism has spent considerable time at the warehouse, and from this experience has learned to refine their mechanism. They realized their velcro was just a little too grippy, so they changed that out for a less grippy material. They also learned that there plate could be modified to fit and mount more easily. This is a perfect example of the constant refinement of design which the team is so much inspired by.
Overall Goals:We’ll be finished by this Tuesday at midnight, but the season will in no way be over. Our continuing focus will be on making our robot better in every way possible. We will continue to improve our practice bot and mark down these updates for the comp bot. Additionally we will begin to manufacture spare parts for our upcoming competitions in FLR and the Long Island Regional. This process is what makes this team great and with our amazing group of kids, we will go far.

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After an exciting win in Long Island 2018!

Fun Fact of the Week

  • In total Ranger Robotics, members have gotten $1,320,000 in scholarships for STEM education. #chasingbanners

Quote of the Week

“FIRST is more than robots. The robots are a vehicle for students to learn important life skills. Kids often come in not knowing what to expect-of the program nor of themselves. They leave, even after the first season, with a vision, with confidence, and with a sense that they can create their own future.”

Dean Kamen, Co-Founder of FIRST

Week 6

With build season coming to a close, competition season draws near, and people are getting excited. Students and mentors have been putting in hours of work at our warehouse, running our bot, and fine tuning before shipping day on Tuesday, after which we can only change our practice bot, until we get to competition in march. New students are excited to see our bot compete at the Finger Lakes Regional at the RIT Gordon Field House on March 15th and 16th, and again in Long Island at the SBPLI Regional. Competition is where the magic happens; it’s where a team can make or break their season, and where all 6 weeks of hard work can be put to the test. Ranger Robotics is a team that makes competition fun for all; last year 3015 brought STEM lessons to the SBPLI Regional, and had kids, parents and even other robotics students building structures out of popsicle stick, and making balancing paper robots. In addition to teaching STEM at comp. 3015 bring some serious competition to the field as well, which earned us a win last year in Long Island, and we are working hard to earn another win this year. Want to watch Ranger Robotics at competitions? Stay tuned for information on how to watch us live online!

FIRST Team 329 building a structure in between matches!

Sponsor Spotlight

We would like to give a big Thank You to Delphi Technology for their continual support in all that 3015 does.

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Who needs sleep?

Sub-team Spotlight: Programming

This week we are focusing on the Programming sub-team. Sub-team leader, Kayla Stein, and Mentor Rob Heslin run the Programming sub-team. Programming, like the other sub-teams, is showing the new members the ropes, like how to use GitHub collaboratively, basic Java syntax, how to use FRC specific software, among other things. In addition to writing the code that runs our bot, this year programming is also working on new motion profiling software for the new sandstorm period in this year’s game. Due to the new sandstorm element this year, programming is working on setting up vision processing, written in Python, a language that we have never used before. Vison processing would be a huge advantage in this year’s game; it will be part of what separates the good teams from the great teams, but since this is uncharted territory, we aren’t entirely sure how it will turn out. Programming works very closely with the electrical sub-team to wire the board with all the processors, and with the drive team for camera placement and haptic/visual feedback. Programming would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous donations, which have allowed them to purchase Raspberry Pi’s, Raspberry Pi cameras, Adafruit Metro Mini, and much more.

Three of our programmers hard at work!

Fun Fact of the Week

  • Ranger Robotics has won the esteemed Chairman’s award three years in a row! They won it in 2016, 2017, and 2018. #chasingbanners

Quote of the Week

“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”

Sam Ewing

Week 5

As week 5 comes to a close you can feel the exhaustion begin to set in. Students and mentors are here day in and day out, working tirelessly to finish the practice bot, and build, program, and wire the competition bot. Marketing has submitted both the Chairman’s essay, and the Woodie Flowers essay, and has started the Gems program for the season, teaching the little girls at Terry Taylor Elementary that STEM can be fun. New members are starting to get the hang of things, and are learning how the team works in the later part of build season. On Thursday, we had our monthly Total Team Meeting (TTM), for team up dates from each sub-team, as well as our leadership members. We got the chance to see the practice bot, talk a bit about the comp. bot, and have seniors volunteer to house students from team 7299, The Robotic Eagles. We can’t wait for 7299 to arrive in march, when they get here they will get to follow their host’s around school for a day, join us bowling, and come to the Finger Lakes Regional with us to compete! Want to see us in action? Join us at RIT on March 15th and 16th for the Finger Lakes Regional.

Drive team member Lucas Krolczyk machining a part.

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Sponsor Spotlight

We would like to give a big Thank You to COLLINS AEROSPACE for their continual support in all that 3015 does.

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So Close…Yet So Far

Sub-team Spotlight: Lower Mechanical

This week our focus is on the Lower Mechanical sub-team. The Lower Mech. sub-team is a small team of about 10 members, run by sub-team leader Mason Epping and Mentor Joe Gallina, this sub-team builds the framework for the robot. Among building the frames, they also test them, and make sure that whatever they build can support all the mechanisms that upper mechanical has for the bot. For this year’s bot, they modified the framework from last year’s robot, OTIS, to fit in with this year’s game constraints. This year, Neo-Motors are allowed for game play for the first time, so the Lower Mech. sub-team tested them on an already existing frame, and determined that the chaos that comes with programming these unknown motors was too much for the team to handle this year, so we are sticking with what we know.

Lower Mechanical sub-team leader, Mason Epping, working with mentor Peter P.

Fun Fact of the Week

  •   Team 7299, The Robotic Eagles, will competing in the Finger Lakes Regional on March 15th and 16th, with the help of Ranger Robotics.  

Quote of the Week

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

Maya Angelou

Week 4

Drive Team member, Jack Casey, hard at work!

Week four of build season brought about some challenges; due to the frigid temperatures, we were unable to have a full week of after-school work time. To make up for the lost time we have been putting in extra effort to stay on schedule. Sub-teams have been working in overdrive to try to reach deadlines on time. Marketing has just a few short days to finish their Chairman’s essay, as well as the Woodie Flowers essay. Electrical is busy wiring the practice bot, while Programming works on the code that makes to robot go. Upper Mech. is busy creating the perfect mechanisms, while Lower Mech. is building a supporting frame. Suffice to say that the crazy around here is heighted this week, but when build season ends is when the real fun begins. Come see us compete on March 15th and 16th at the RIT Gordon Field House.

We would like to give a big Thank You to CORNING FOUNDATION for their support of Team 3015 this season. 

Woooah… Halfway there

Sub-team Spotlight : Electrical 

First year mentor, Jen Michaels with some new and old members!

Take a walk into Room 516 and the sound of crimps and sight of multi-color wires fill the room of the Electrical Sub-Team. This season they have taken in many new students, challenging those to not only work on electrical related skills, but communication and teaching skills as well. The first focus for this energetic sub-team was shaping an inventory system to ensure proper organization and readiness for launch. They have created a Google Sheets document that every sub-team can access. Additionally, Ranger Robotics has installed new whiteboards for the Robot Room. With these resources, the inventory can consistently be updated, and parts can be easily located. The Electrical Sub-Team has been closely working with the Mechanical Sub-Team to develop models for a new and improved battery cart! This exciting change creates a safer and more flexible location. With this fuel, the electrical kids are confident in a successful launch. Our prototyping boards have been well used as electrical students and mechanical students test new potential. Last Saturday, the entire sub-team sat down and learned the process for schematics. The team has purchased, with the help from sponsors, ten new batteries. Therefore, they concentrated on attaching new leads to the batteries. Moving forward, the Electrical Sub-Team will fixate on working will all sub-teams to develop and integrate ideas for our Robot’s final board. Then, they will be more than ready to launch into Deep Space for the first time.

Fun Fact of the Week

  • There have been a total of 3002.6 man hours put into the robot as of January 23rd. #chasingbanners

Quote of the Week

“Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.”

Lois McMaster Bujold

Week 3

With week, three down we are officially halfway through build season, and that chaos I keep talking about, is ever present. With only three weeks left, we are entering a stressful time, where new people begin to question whether we will finish all we have to do, but veteran members know that out of chaos come creativity. So really, Ranger Robotics is just beginning. We cannot wait for bag day, and for our first regional of the season, the Finger Lakes Regional, at RIT. While electrical and programming are just beginning their projects, marketing is finishing one of their biggest projects, the Chairman’s essay. Upper and lower mechanical are still working hard on building what we hope is an award winning bot.

President, Sean Bracken teaching new members.

Sponsor Spotlight

Xerox Logo
We would like to give a big Thank You to XEROX for their continued support of all that 3015 does.

The Chaos Continues

Sub-Team Spotlight: Marketing

Sub-team leader Leigha Bopp, veteran members, Lexie Mancuso, Justin Hockenberger, and new member Claire Casey.

This week’s focus is on the marketing sub-team. Mentor, Nancy Mancuso, and sub-team leader Leigha Bopp head the marketing sub-team. The marketing team is responsible for writing the Chairman’s essays and presentations. Marketing also writes the Woodie Flowers essay, which nominates a mentor for their outstanding help and support of a team. Marketing also does things like planning and executing stem lessons in or community, specifically the GEMS lessons. These are lessons that help to inspire young girls to get involved in science, math and engineering. The sub-team researches projects, plans activities, and then helps teach them to elementary aged girls in our community. In addition to this the marketing sub-team helps set up and run countless events, like Dreams From Drake, chalk the walks, and light up the village, all of which help us to give back to our supportive community.

Fun Fact of the week

–Ranger Robotics has 5 distinct sub-teams, Marketing, Electrical, Upper Mechanical, Lower Mechanical, and Programming, all with mentors to help guide the students along the way.

Quote of the week

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott

Week 2

The second week is in full swing at Ranger Robotics, plans are being finalized, ideas are being put into reality, and new members are buzzing with excitement about the competitions in the upcoming months. Although it is only the second week here, you can already feel the excitement from the new kids for the next few weeks of build season, and after that competition season. Time seems to go by faster when you are in the crazy environment that is Spencerport High School after hours. Students are working tirelessly to build working parts for our robot, write and edit the Chairman’s essay, and design code for the bot. The chaos of Team 3015 has doubled in the last week and we can only see it getting crazier in the coming weeks, but who can blame us? That is the price you pay when you compete in FIRST.

New Members hard at work in the shop.

Sponsor Spotlight

We would like to give a big Thank You to Baxter for their continual support in all that 3015 does.

2019 Leadership

Kickoff and The first week

Kickoff to Deep Space

Our 2019 team at Kickoff

            On Saturday January 5th the annual western New York First Robotics Kickoff was hosted by team 3015 at Spencerport High School. The event consisted of 35 teams totaling over 800 students and mentors. Teams gathered in the auditorium to watch a live stream of this year’s game presented by First Robotics headquarters. This year’s Kickoff was meaningful due to the fact that the year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. This important anniversary inspired the 2019 game, Destination Deep Space. The game coincides directly with the moon landing and many of its aspects including cargo, hatch panels, habitat zones, and various forms of space transportation. A sand storm blocking the drive team’s view of the field is new addition to this year’s game, modifying the 15-second autonomous period at the beginning of each match. Once the drive team’s vision is restored, additional points can scored by placing cargo into the rocket or cargo ships and securing the cargo with a hatch panel. During this first week, our team has held decided proven by our immense progress achieved in the short period of time since the Kickoff. All six of our sub teams (upper mechanical, lower mechanical, programming, electrical, marketing and strategy) have been working hard in their select area of expertise. We are very excited to be participating in this year’s game with the support of our mentors, sponsors, district and community. To learn more about this year’s game visit

County Legislator, Mike Zale, Monroe County Executive,Cheryl Dinolfo, and Spencerport Superintendent, Dan Millgate, among others take a quick photo with some our members!

The First Week

Electrical Sub-team Leader, Sierra Spall and Director of First Programs, Meadow Hughes, teaching some new members the ropes.

The first week of robotics is always a bit crazy, with trying to find a strategy that works for our team, finding a Chairman’s theme, and all the new students trying to figure out how to navigate through the craziness that is the Team 3015-build season. Despite the slight chaos that is sure to ensue, everyone finds a seat at the table, a way to be heard, whether it is in upper mechanical building the robot, or in marketing writing and planning. New members have a “big brother/sister” on the team that help show them the ropes, and help guide them through their “firsts” of the team, like late nights, long days and tons of hard work. With one week down and 5 to go we certainly have our work cut out for us, but we are ready for the challenge that this year’s game brings, and we are thrilled to be able to inspire excellence in new generations of students.

Lower Mechanical Sub-team Leader, Mason Epping, with some new members as well as returning member Kennedy Mueller.

Fun fact of the week

  • This year 3015 has 95 high school students with 52% of these students being girls, a record high for the team.

Quote of the week

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”

Uta Hagen
A special Thank You to Bausch Health for their support in our 2019 build season and competitions.